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Part murder, part mayhem

Harry Veritas is a below average podcaster living in his mother’s basement. Until April 9th, when he discovers a body. . . a dead one. Join in the mayhem to discover whodunnit before Harry's disaster of a true-crime podcast goes live.

The Midnight Snack is a wild comedy existing somewhere between Twin Peaks and the Great British Bake-Off. Offset award nominated for its premiere at the 2022 Camden Fringe, the show delivers the best mix of puns, slapstick and rubber chickens to form the ultimate recipe for laughs.

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Who are we?

Great Question

Other Mysteries are an ensemble that began as a group of friends with a desperate need to laugh in lockdown. Together, we devised the narrative podcast The Midnight Snack based on the original comics by the group’s founder, Candice MacAllister.


Once our first podcast was released in August 2021, we pitched a slightly wild idea to the Ealing Council to turn it into an 'immersive experience'.  It mustn't have been as wild as we thought, as they awarded us a grant to create it for their Summer Festival.


Last summer, we brought The Midnight Snack to the stage at the Camden Fringe as the group’s first attempt at live theatre. The Offest Nominated show will continue to tour around London throughout 2022 – 2023, and we aim to release the second season of the podcast December 2023.

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